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Wednesday, 26 May 2010

See what you can get at Oxfam! Not including me!

  Can you believe that absolutely everything I wear on these photos was bought at Oxfam, Formby. Please don't laugh I could have included (at times) my knickers and socks! Some things were new still with shop labels or wrapped, some excellent condition. The labels range from Per Una, Next, Clarks, Principles to one off fashion boutiques.

  Whenever I wear a bag it will be one of my Aliki Bags.

     You may have gather by now that I try to live my life as 'green' as possible. I also have been supporting Oxfam since I lived in England - 40 years now. I do so love that I support a worthy cause whilst feeding my female vanity and sense of fashion (I hope!)

  I know it can be a pain to mooch about in charity shops but have a go you may never know what treasures you may find.

  Please don't get bored with this because I would also like to tell you that on Monday I bought myself a brand new pink bike and after lots of frustrated searching in D.I.Y shops, catalogues and Ikea I finally found a perfect fit corner shelf for my bathroom.

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