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Monday, 6 December 2010

Ringmore, Devon, Birthplace of "Aliki Bags"

For the traditional Ringmore Village Christmas Fair 2010 I travelled down with my dog Senta to stay with Alison. You may remember that Alison is my friend and also my partner in "Aliki" bag making crime..... Even our dogs, Zeta and Senta, are good friends and playmates !

Alison and I - Kiki - became friends when we both lived in the village, brought together by our love of nature, gardening, dogs, all things art&craft and textiles. It was in 2003 that I made myself a large shoulder bag out of one of Alison's skirts and together we created a "fashion and culture fusion" shawl and silk bag for an English/Indian wedding. We had so much fun and satisfaction sharing the creative time and end results, that we decided we would continue making bags 'for real' : the birth of "Aliki Bags". Here we are at our 1st big Craft Fair at Harbour House in Kingsbridge, Devon.

Alison and her husband Mike live in a beautiful house at the edge of the beautiful village, snuggled into the protective hills and surrounded by her rambling gardens and amazing vegetable plot. We usually enjoy our times together by talking "Aliki" business, bags, bags, bags..... evaluate ( and admire ) our latest design ideas.

Alison's Chicken Wire Stable Boy

Alison has been knitting and felting the most beautiful bags, using a book by Bev Beattie, esbn 978-1-4081-1553-4, A.N.C. Black, "Knit and Felt Bags". Sadly, for copyright reasons she is only making the as gifts for Christmas, BUT, we strongly recommend you to look at the brilliant book on amazon if you are a knitter yourself or have someone to give an inspiring craft book to this Christmas.

As you can imagine, Mike is not too impressed with all that but cooks yummy curries, if we behave ourselves.

We walked the dogs, socialized with shared friends and this time I went totally mad and kept a huge bonfire going, burning last summer's garden debris in the crisp dry cold - absolutely wonderful and therapeutic !

I'm back in Formby now, preparing for the last little Craft Fair here.......x


  1. What a beautiful place to visit and live! Enjoy the craft fair and may you sell out of all your lovey bags!

  2. Thank you so much, Pat ! Yes, Ringmore - and all of Devon - is indeed wonderful and stunningly beautiful ! I do miss living there, but most of all I miss my friends down there. It is good that life moves on and changes, BUT there always seems to be a big BUT hidden somewhere..... x

  3. Those bags look gorgeous! Good luck at your craft shows this new year! :)