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Tuesday, 16 November 2010

All Rumours of my Demise have been Greatly Exaggerated

Hello All,

I feel the quote is not correct but it felt right.

It seems incredible now that I should have given up on the exciting world of blogging for such a long time ! So much has happened - a lot of it not good - that I have just about survived by doing my basics of life, let alone carrying on with this blog.

On the bright side I would like to report that my glass is half full again because : things in my family are looking up ,

  • I managed to carry on - albeit at snail's pace - with my beloved AlikiBags,  
  • I have had a steep learning curve on the computer , enjoying the new world of facebook,
  • I have made lots of new friends, artists, makers, computer-brains, not "geeks".
It will be so lovely to look into our blog world again ! I intend not to bore and irritate you with all my mistakes - easy to say, because I'm going to have help from Erin  (www.boxoffmycomputer.co.uk)

Just to show you that AlikiBags really are alive and kicking, I include some pictures of the
" Disappearing Jacket". This is/was a  vintage Designer Jacket made out of an absolutely AMAZING material : the pattern is created from tiny diamond cut pieces of metal , magically attached to the base velvet ! Each little piece glitters and sparcles in the colours of the rainbow, difficult to capture on a photo.

The jacket was very expensive , even in a Charity Shop , and I think the material is sooo special that I am going to only use it as PART of a bag . That way more AlikiBag lovers will have pleasure in my find.

Hope you enjoyed having a look again into my little needlewoman's life and I promise to at least keep you updated with the story of the "Disappearing Jacket".

Goodbye for now and hope to see you all back here soon, Kiki x



  1. Hi Kiki,

    Thanks for the lovely comments. College is going well and keeping me busy which is a good thing.
    Take Care,
    jane X

  2. Hi Jane,

    It is just terrible that I am still 'frightened' of the computer - hence my slow response.

    Good to hear you are enjoying college - I am a great believer in 'Occupational Therapy'.... Been thinking of you and your family over Christmas, hope you were all able to stay on the positive side of cherishing and remembering.

    Have a really good and strong 2011 !

    Kiki x