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Sunday, 6 June 2010

Kid's Craft Session

We had a lovely time messing and creating, using beads and buttons, as well as "FIMO"(polymer clay). James made loads of buttons, varnished them and even made one lovely button perfect for my bag commission.
I know this sounds like an advertisement - well it is really - for "Klara's Crafts", where I had bought most of the stuff we used. I so love it when even the boys join in, you should have seen James's friend Harry and Damla's little brother, Arda, making friendship bracelets.


  1. What a good idea to make your own buttons ,the bought ones are so expensive ..love Jan xx

  2. Yes, Jan! Good old"Fimo" - it was surprisingly easy and surprisigly good results! James was rightly proud of his hard work and we liked the outcome especially after using clear, matte varnish on them. The 6hrs drying time was hard for the kids...

    Are you going to have a go?! Happy crafting, Kiki x

  3. Couldn't help but notice your comment on Jane's blog. I've just posted on how to sort your wardrobe out etc.


    Get your clothes down from the loft now! They can get ruined or you waste money by not utilising them. Good luck x

  4. Dear Make Do Style, just come back from a very stimulating visit to your site; you are so clever! I do like your wardrobe challenge and the way you also included detail like nail varnish...
    Yes, you are right, I will sort my loft better - it was like going shopping up there! - so much brilliant stuff, waiting to be remembered and used.
    I will have to ask someone more clever than me why I was not able to leave a comment on your brilliant site. Thanks, Kiki x