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Thursday, 10 June 2010

Wardrobe Challenge - June2010

Finally climbed up into the loft and found all the items I hope to wear. Will have to do some serious sorting up there.... It was sooo depressing to see what I have let accumulate and lovely to find "old friends" : books, clothes....

Hope I can manage to get the picture of my 5 selected items to show you - otherwise it all has to wait until I can get help from my young friends tomorrow.

Anybody knows where I can get an IT brain implant?


  1. Sorry, just did not know how to rotate the photo and James said he wants to go to sleep ( computer in his Bedroom, poor boy ).

  2. With a little help from my friends..... Klara, from www.klarascrafts.blogspot.com has been such a good friend and patient IT angel.

    So I'm now the right side up, hurra!