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Friday, 11 June 2010

Wardrobe Challenge - June 2010

Here it is, I feel very good about my choices but anxious about getting the blog and photo attachments right.

First I was tempted to just totally try and "glam myself up" but sensibility and truthfulness prevailed and I chose things I actually do wear in mydog- and grandma-fied busy life.

I am wearing AlikiBags and Oxfam clothes and accessories, collected over my years as a volunteer.

Jeans: Funky Style Image and Design - Oxfam Formby

Bag: AlikiBags (my own)

Shoes: San Malo - Shush (when it exsisted in Formby)

Dress/Top: Quiz - Oxfam Formby

Jewellery: Lifetime collection - Oxfam

As I'm always feeling cold I'm hardly ever without a cardigan and warm shoes to hide my warm socks and possibly even long johns (sorry!!!)

Jeans, bag and top as before

Cardigan: Per Una - Oxfam Formby

Boots: Dorothy Perkins - Oxfam Formby

Jeans as before

Top: Cotton Traders - Oxfam Formby

Shoes: No Label - Shush

Jewellery: Beads - gift from Germany, Bangle - Oxfam Lichfield Staffordshire

Bag: AlikiBags (for sale)

Bike: Oxfam Formby (brand new only £60!)

Dog: My Senta who is actually very good at running on the pavement on the lead.

Jeans and top as before

Jewellery: Oxfam Formby

Bag: AlikiBags (For sale)

Corsage: AlikiBags (the corsage can be worn clipped to the handles of the bag or as a corsage).

Shoes: Calzino (£1.99 - on loan from Oxfam).

Dress: No label, made in Italy. This is actually a skirt which I tied with an old Oxfam belt to make it into a dress.

Bag: AlikiBags - (For Sale).

Shoes: J'esjimo - Oxfam Formby

Jewellery: Dress watch - gift from Germany, Bangles and Beads - Oxfam Formby, Acrylic Ring - Craft fair at Chapel Gallery, Ormskirk.

I would like to say that I would not have been able to participate in this competion without the photos taken by my grandson James (10 years) and my patient neighbour - friend Sarah (she of the kids craft session fame).

The drink was sadly only apple and elderflower (from tesco, cheap and absolutely lovely). James and I had a glass to celebrate the successful photo session.


  1. Yes I like my cardi's even when other folks are saying phew its warm in here !! I couldnt click onto your pics to make them bigger, where can I see your bags ,my present passion as you know ,I saw the one you made for Jane lovely, you clever girl ,Tell James he has done so well ,and he must be so proud of his lovely Gran ..love Jan xx

  2. Hi ,me again ,have just been onto your etsy site looking at your bags ,delightful ...love Jan xx

  3. Hi Jan, thanks for the compliment - I really do appreciate it. Sitting at home, being creative may be a wonderful life but one thrives on feedback, ESPECIALLY when it is so positive, thank you! Love Kiki x

  4. Kiki - what a great array of photos/poses/locations. I love what you have done. Brilliant - as always. Jane X

  5. Hello again, Jane, good to hear that you had a great weekend with your family - they are such precious times!-

    I am so pleased that you liked my photos. It was great fun to do and James was a clever little angel taking the pics. He even gave fashion advice on my shoe choices!!!

    Thought a lot about you in Oxfam today; there still are 3 little skirts I think you would love. They are size 8 but I'm sure they would fit you. I'm afraid I took a dress on approval for you - mix between working and sexy girl - just you I hope. Please call to tell me off or arrange a trial.

    Can't wait to see everybody's "Capsule" !

    Have fun, take care, Kiki x

  6. Great set!
    My favorite one is the one with you all in black and wearing the flower brooch and necklace, true comfort, style and perfection.

  7. You are so kind Lorena! It's always lovely to get a compliment, especially as all the clothes come from my local charity shop, "Oxfam". The bags are my own creations, "AlikiBags".